Insight · journey · Motivational

Adjust Your Lens

Every once in a while I stop and assess how far I have come and sometimes reflect on past situations that I never thought I would have survived in one piece. There have been a couple times when I wished I had handled things differently but of course, being on the other side, it is no wonder that I would see things differently. After all, what you see totally depends on where you are standing. I came to realize that what we focus on becomes magnified and perspective is everything.

Nobody likes making mistakes but the reality of it is that none of us are perfect and at some point we will fall short. Even reflecting on past mistakes has a focal point that we get to choose. We can either get stuck on the coulda woulda shoulda’s, or put it under learnt and move forward with wisdom.

It doesn’t always have to be in retrospect but we can take a positive stance while ‘going through’. Pain and discomfort has a way of clouding our vision and it’s only when we make it out on the other side that we are able to digest that it was all for a reason. I am a firm believer that God allows certain situations in our lives to build character and the value of what we walk away with totally depends on what we choose to focus on.


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