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Shut Down The Noise

You know, recently I have been thinking alot about self confidence and the impact that it really has on our lives. It is so powerful when you know who you are and are clear about what you stand for. Let’s be real, at times opposition can really shake your confidence. When you stand firm in the standard that you have set for your life, people’s opinions won’t cause you to second guess yourself.

I watched recently as a celebrity who was very much living in the limelight, decided to withhold a very special and personal season of her life from the public eye. I could not believe how offended people got about her decision. When she did return to social media, she did so with an apology but you know what, as soon as she started to make personal posts again, the critics could hardly wait to do what they do best.

I am not one to put my business out there like that. I find though that others have become so comfortable in sharing their lives on social media platforms, and allowing people to air their sometimes damaging and worthless opinions on their life decisions,that people actually have the audacity to become offended when you choose to keep your business YOUR business.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with establishing boundaries for yourself because otherwise you allow people to get in. Truthfully, what others think about you or what you choose to do with your life, is none of your business.

I heard a gentleman say that celebs pay loads of money on security whether it be on bodyguards or security systems for their homes. But then they go onto their social media and read the comments. The mistake there is that in doing so, despite all the reinforcements, they let them get in.

It really speaks to the importance of the mind. I truly believe that you need to stay guarded about what you let in because check it, there will always be someone who disagrees with your choices or even thinks that their opinion carries weight however your decisions will ultimately affect you. And for that reason alone, no apology is required.


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