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Survival of The Fittest

There are times when you find yourself in situations that are anything but comfortable. Some we bring on ourselves and others to say the least, are out of our control. Neither scenario takes away from the distress that an uncomfortable situation can cause. I have learnt though, that we don’t have to sit and helplessly take everything that life throws at us. We can actually live life on purpose.

I remember a couple years ago I was having a really rough time at work. A particular individual was determined in stirring up strife and let me tell you she was very successful. Day after day I was determined to not allow her to get to me but if I was honest with myself, I was feeling weary and really wanted for it all to stop.

When it comes down to choosing a fight or flight response in uncomfortable situations, my default reaction was usually to peel out. But I came to a point where I realized that I can’t run from every uncomfortable situation and so I made up in my mind that I would persevere.

Now at that time her shananigans were not the only challenge that I was facing. Honestly on a whole I was having a really hard time in multiple areas of my life and so it felt like my life was under fire. One day in the midst of it all, I realized that the same fire that I thought was destroying my life, was actually refining it.

In life we will face many challenges and that’s a given but take a closer look and see that they are really tests. At times, tests of faith and other times, tests of character. There is really no such thing as a ‘fail’ or a mistake. Instead I prefer to title this category, ‘learnt’.

This is where I place those experiences that I didn’t exactly conquer. Life events that blindsided me. Those experiences that I limped away from. The coulda shoulda woulda’s but I didn’t. This category has helped shape me into the woman that I am today. One of integrity, strength and character. And for that, I wouldn’t change a thing.


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