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It’s The Little Things

We all have that one goal that consumes our thoughts, time and energy. I find though that in anticipation of the end result, we sometimes neglect to embrace or to even enjoy the process. Let’s be honest, we want what we want, and we want it NOW but enjoying the journey is as important as the manifestation of the goal itself.

You know, for the persons like myself who have chosen to pursue a healthier lifestyle or even to be a better version of themselves, we sometimes fail to celebrate the small victories along the way. We are so much trying to fit into that jeans again that we didn’t even realize that it’s been two weeks that we have committed to that exercise routine, or the fact that we didn’t hit that panic button when things didn’t go as we imagined.

There are times when I stop and take a look at how far I have come and I throw a party for the progress that I have made. I thank God for the trials and the stumbling blocks because although they sometimes slow us down, the important thing is that we kept going. I now see it as we never lose, we only learn.

It’s the experiences along the way that actually build character.

This brings me to the “failures” or disappointments that we encounter along the way. They actually prepare us for the goal that we are working towards. They prepare us for the success. They shape us and keep us humble. They strengthen us so we know we have what it takes to keep going.

And when the dream has been fulfilled and the goal has manifested, we can never forget the hard work that was put in or the sacrifices which were made along the way. And it is at the finish line that we see that it was the little things that made the huge difference along the way.


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