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The Dog That Brings The Bone

So many times we are misunderstood. In the same way, we also misunderstand others. There is nothing like misunderstanding someone, getting hot and very sweaty about what we thought was the situation, and afterwards regretting ways we would have behaved and things we may have even said. In the same way, there is nothing like a harsh word, or like hearing that harsh and untrue things have been said against you. But the thing about it is that they are hardly ever said to your face.

It leaves me to wonder about the person who serves up all that “they said”. Firstly what makes them so comfortable to say it in front of you and what is your motive behind telling what they have said? *side eye*

My dear friend once said to me that it’s not always what a person does that we should pay attention to, but to question the motives and intentions behind their actions. Not to be paranoid and suspicious of everyone but sometimes people do what appears to be really nice things but not for the reason that we would think.

We have to be so very careful with what we allow in our space. When I say space I am referring to our minds and our hearts. The things that we don’t know really don’t bother us. For me, what others have to say about us really shouldn’t matter because it only stirs up strife and most of the time their claims against us are not only untrue but misunderstood. I am not saying that you may not “feel a way” about it, but the right perspective can definitely save some drama.

There are times when a person should be warned but delivery is everything. There is always a more tactful way of dealing with these types of situations. It’s best not to talk behind a person’s back but if you absolutely have to, be mindful of what you do say.

A “he say, she say” situation has the tendency to get very messy. You never know until you know and for that reason I always say that it’s better to be safe than to be sorry for the same dog that brings the bone has the capacity to carry one back.


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