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Easy Does It

How many times have you been banging your head against a wall over a decision to realize that the agony just wasn’t necessary? That has been me! It really highlights the fact that we as human beings have a tendency to complicate situations by overthinking. Naturally we expect complexity and can hardly ever accept that the solution can just be that simple.

I was recently faced with a big decision which had a fast approaching deadline date but my options as well as the possibilities, seemed endless. Thing is, none jumped out at me that I could firmly say ok Reese, let’s go with this or let’s do that. I think what also frustrated the decision making process was that I didn’t want to make a bad choice. Typical me.

Then one day in a quiet moment, it came to me that maybe I should ask a question and that would help narrow things down a bit. Needless to say, it was smooth sailing from there. I was left in disbelief that it was so simple. Especially after lamenting over the topic for weeks on end.

My scenario really caused me to think about persons who are faced with some big decisions but make no progress because like me, they don’t want to make a bad choice. Who actually walk away from their dreams because it’s too hard in their mind. Who would never experience the joy of their success because they shut it down and label the dream as impossible.

So often the fear of failure or lack of resources stops us from stepping out in faith. A step could be as simple as a call to find out what is required to get things in motion. Or it could be a trip to the bank to speak to a loans officer. Whatever your situation, whatever your dilemma. Whatever situation you are faced with. The possibilities are endless but it will take some type of action on your part to translate that dream to reality. It really could be that simple.


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