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So many times I have been crushed by failure. Thinking that I didn’t have what it takes. Little did I know that this was the furthest from the truth. Little did I know, that it was the way I was viewing my ‘failures’ that was the real tragedy.

Sometimes we step out in faith and things don’t quite go as we would have planned. Sometimes we have to call it quits, reboot and go again. And that is ok. Sometimes it works out best that way. I have learnt that ‘failure’ equips us with experience that we wouldn’t have had if we hadn’t even tried. Sometimes the ‘coulda woulda shoulda’ can gird us with wisdom in making future decisions. Wisdom that comes from a place of ‘I know better’. For me, there is nothing more authentic than that.

I had a previous business venture that folded and left me really questioning my capabilities. However as I was in conversation with my husband about it, I recognized that it had strengthened me because now I know better so I am able to do better. It also led me to think on many other lessons that would have been disguised as failures.

With that said, to anyone who is beating themselves up on disappointing outcomes from past endeavors, I would say it’s not the end. Get up, dust yourself off and go again. Place that “mistake” under LEARNT and keep it moving. Your end result isn’t defined by your mistakes but with the right perspective and a made up mind, they can definitely contribute to an amazing outcome.


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