Purpose: The Hidden Treasure In The Struggle

For years I have been on a roller coaster ride with my weight and recently I served all my excess weight an eviction notice. I have officially had enough of the up and down and it’s high time for some stability. I have kicked my lazy to the curb and am on a mission to reacquaint myself with my healthy.

But you know, as always, the plan is always simpler on paper. Translating that desire into action is the tough part. For me, it was always easier to stick to my exercise routine during the week but then I would take breaks on weekends and it’s at that point that things would go downhill. Or when I actually start to see results I would relax a little and then experience a relapse.

Over the past couple months it has been super challenging. I have found however, that when I least feel like exercising it is at that time that I most need to do so. And I must admit that there is an accomplishment that you feel when you could have thrown in the towel but didn’t.

About two and a half months ago I had become really frustrated with how my clothes had been fitting and for a couple weeks I committed to skipping but that eventually dwindled away and I was back at square one. This time around has been so different. It’s amazing the results and power of a made up mind.

As I take a praise break in the midst of the progress, I don’t see much difference when I look into the mirror but I can feel it in my clothes. Let me just add here as well that I had my second son as recent as 5 months ago so this is just not excess ‘foodie’ weight I am busting to the curb.

For you moms out there. It took an estimated time span of 9 months while carrying your precious cargo so to be fair to yourself and your body, you really should give yourself another 9 months for some of the ‘baby weight’ to go.

Consistency, determination, beneficial eating choices (cut the empty calories), and being faithful in the little things will ultimately get you to your goal.

In retrospect I have a newfound appreciation for the struggle because I can now move forward with wisdom and a better understanding of what had me stuck. My frustrations were really lessons in disguise and knowing better will now afford me the pleasure of having an encounter with what appeared to be the impossible.


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