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Flip The Script

Within recent times I have been having some frustrations that have at some points in time felt as though they were winning me over. Nothing too major but still not minor enough to keep it moving.

And I know that ups and downs are a part of life but I am so excited when I hit rough patches. Said no one ever!

When the light at the end of the tunnel appears to be further than my perseverance can take me, I think on past situations where God would have by His grace and mercy, carried me through.

You see what happens alot of times while in the valley is that we are overcome by the heaviness of what we are going through and we fail to draw on the positive side of things or even to seek out the lesson in the trial.

So many times we magnify the challenging and at times overwhelming seasons without realizing that these are perfect conditions in which strength and resilience are fostered. Furthermore, through these very circumstances, we gain valuable wisdom and understanding.

It is in the low points of our lives that we gain calibre.

Having had my share of hardships I have learnt that perspective plays a tremendous role in how we ‘go through’ and what we walk away with.

To the person who is tired of limited financial resources, seek out an honest way of earning some additional income. To the person who desires to lose some weight, use that unwanted body weight to your advantage.

I find that we have accepted that phrase which says that “life happens” and we have been blinded to the truth that we don’t have to sit and just take everything that comes our way.

I would like to challenge you to use that very situation that you would like gone as of yesterday, to your advantage. Use your frustrations as fuel.

So despite your frustration, situation or scenario, I encourage you to adapt a positive and conquering attitude for this too shall pass.


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