Simple Treasures

Life is precious and so is time. Even though we know this, we are so often distracted by temporary frustrations and without realizing, we allow the pressures of life to derail us.

We work so hard to acquire material possessions and accumulate tangible wealth and so often miss out on the true riches of this life that we are so privileged to have.

I very recently came across the Instagram page for a lady by the name of Kyrzayda Rodriguez. By profession she was a fashion blogger and for the past 8 months had been battling cancer.

Now, let me just say that I knew of cancer and it’s debilitating effects but honestly, seeing what this disease did to this lady and her value of life was unbelievable and so very sad.

She was very open about her journey and shared her heartbreak over her physical deterioration as well as her struggles with self love. She also encouraged her followers to appreciate the little things and also to be mindful of how they treat their bodies.

This lady was seriously holding onto dear life. Unable to do things that she once could, and just really cherishing her relationships and whatever time she had left with her friends and family.

I just want to challenge you today. To be thankful in everything. Seek out the positive in every situation or circumstance you go through. Though the pressure maybe on, and sometimes overwhelming, bear in mind that things could be times worse.

The things that we take for granted, even as simple as jumping out of bed in the morning, would be an answered prayer for someone out there.

So live boldly, love passionately, be kind and most importantly, treasure your loved ones and show them how much you care. Remember, time waits for no one and once gone it can’t be regained.


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