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All Is Well That Ends Well

Everyone that’s breathing wants to have their own way. Right?? Or is it just me? Ok, maybe it’s just me.

If you have kids then you know that a tough part of parenting is having to say ‘no’ when those little eyes are searching our faces and pleading for a resounding ‘yes’.

It really makes us want to satisfy their wants all the more.

But on the flip side we understand the occasional saving power of a decline over an affirmative answer. We know that they cannot get everything that their little hearts desire because that would be setting them up for disappointment when they are grown and trying to navigate the waves of life.

Countless times I have been reminded that the same applies for me, because let’s be honest here, there are times when we just want what we want when we want.

Then I have had moments when my heart nearly burst with gladness over not getting what I so desperately thought I wanted. When a ‘no’ made way for an even better ‘yes’. Like the time I was declined for my credit card application but that decline gave some wiggle room for the approval of my car loan.

It puts everything into perspective right?!

In the moment we can be so set on having our way that we fail to see how the ‘setback’ actually makes room for something better.

So let’s proceed with discernment and the wisdom to know when to push it and when to go with the flow. Things may not always go our way but they will most certainly work themselves out.


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