Rose Colored Glasses

Today’s post follows on from a very pensive mood.

I know of a young lady, 17 years old, who is expecting her baby girl any day now. And she has been on my mind a whole lot.

Now for me, I have two precious boys who I count myself blessed to have. My first son is 6 years old and my second son is soon to be one year old.

With the memories of my more recent labour still fresh in my mind, it honestly hurts my heart to imagine this young lady experiencing the reality of childbirth.

As if that was not enough, my mind then went on to the thought of any judgement or ridicule that she could possibly go through as a teen mom.

You know, it is so amazing how we judge and examine each other’s life decisions and ‘mistakes’ but expect understanding and compassion from others.

At the end if it all there is no measuring stick for our shortcomings or our sins. The only difference is that some are able to hide theirs while others, not so much.

I just want to encourage you my friends, to be gracious to others. Sow seeds of kindness and don’t be so quick to criticize for none of us know where life will take us or the .

Peace and love guys


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