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Now Is Your Time

As we welcome a new year I am beyond thankful and excited for a fresh start. I see it as a clean slate on which we have an opportunity to assess the past year, make peace with what I wasn’t able to achieve, and simply go again.

For me, I found 2018 to be a year of discovery. One in which my purpose became times clearer to me and there was fresh revelation of where I stood and what it would take for me to move closer to seeing my goals come to life.

I found that a lot of what was holding me back was me. Entertaining doubt and fear kept me in an uncomfortable place and because of this I was terrified of what I would find in the unfamiliar territory where the manifestation of my goals reside.

What if no one reads my blogs? What if my readers don’t like my topics? What if they unfollow me? How much should I share?

What a strange and miserable place to be in. After navigating those waves of anxiety all it took for me was to just start. My passion behind what I do is to share with others what I have learnt in hopes of maybe offering a different perspective or showing someone else that they are not alone.

When we are navigating the dry and uncomfortable seasons of our lives we always tend to think that we are the only ones having a hard time. Everywhere we turn it seems as though everyone else is making strides except us.

So whatever it is that you have on your heart to do, go after it.

Do your research, connect with those who have been there. That in itself is a start.

There is someone out there who is depending on you to do whatever God has placed down on the inside of you. You will know it is God given if it makes you feel like you are in over your head and no matter how you try to convince yourself out of it, the passion to pursue it never leaves.

It doesn’t matter what it is. It could be painting, baking, driving trucks, owning an oil company. Your contribution will matter!

Go after it. Embrace the process and believe in yourself. You can do it.

Peace and love!


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