Overcoming Adversity

The past week was super draining for me. Aw man. It felt as though I was experiencing resistance from every direction possible.

But you know, it’s not so much the opposition that bugged me, but my reaction to it.

And even in my struggle I had to be relentless in seeking out the lessons to be learnt instead of focusing on how they made me feel.

Here’s what helped me. My prayer is that it may help you too.

I had to examine my thought life

I really had to sit and think about what I was thinking about..

Alot of times the thoughts that we allow to roll around in our minds are more of a problem than what we think the problem really is.

Fix my focus

Too many times I get sidetracked by the ‘what’ and hardly ever stop to consider the ‘why’.

I was so caught up in my feelings about the resistance I was experiencing that I failed to remember that on the other side of it I would walk away stronger and more resilient.

To protect my peace

For me, this came when I realized that not everyone will understand me or my boundaries. And that is ok.

Because they don’t understand, that doesn’t mean that I have to explain.

Alot of us, myself included, associate peace with our situations, circumstances and even the people around us. And in doing so, alot of times we give our peace away.

Not realizing that peace has more to do with what is going on within us moreso than what is going on around us.

Now the only thing that is left for me to do, is to bear these things in mind for future reference.

Be encouraged today guys, change what you look at and what you look at will change.

Peace and love!


Now tell me, how do you handle opposition? 🤔


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