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When the Plan Doesn’t Go As Planned

So this morning I woke up around 5 o’clock to realize that the water was off. Ok. Usually it isn’t off for more than a couple hours so let me just go back to sleep and by the time I get up it should be back on.

That didn’t happen.

So I’m not sure about my international readers but here in Barbados it is not unusual for the water to go off from time to time so we keep bottles of water so that we can still be sanitary while we wait for things to return to normalcy.

Ok. Nine o’clock and my husband has to leave home as he and my older son have already made plans for the day. He goes to the outside pipe to see if he can catch more water to add to what we already have. To our surprise the water is running like nothing happened so we’re good to go.

Stick with me. I’m going somewhere with all of this.

I gave my younger son a bath, he had his cereal, I had some breakfast and I am here chilling like nobody’s business.

Twelve o’clock. My son goes down for his nap. Usually this is when I go into overdrive and try to complete as many tasks as I can before he wakes. But the water is still off and I still haven’t been able to wash Kai’s school clothes as was the plan for today.

The Holy Spirit drops a suggestion in my spirit. Why don’t you wash the clothes downstairs at the pipe outside?

A year ago I would have been like, yup that is a lovely idea but that is not going to happen.

Long story short, I went and washed not one but two sets of clothes by hand. I was even contemplating washing a third set but then on throwing out my final rinse water, a frog jumped out of it’s hiding place and well, there you have it, that was it for me.

I could have spoilt my day by being miserable and upset that my plans had been ruined but instead I used what I had on hand to do what needed to be done.

The same principle applies for us in our everyday lives. There are times when we make plans or set out to accomplish our goals but things don’t exactly pan out in the way that we may have expected or wanted.

I want to encourage you; instead of complaining or feeling bad for yourself, make a start right where you are and with what you have. With time, persistence and consistency, you will be able to add and upgrade as you go along but in the end it will all come together.

Peace and love guys! Until next time.


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